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Bashful Bunny - Blue

RM 129.90
With the softest fur you could ever imagine in a gorgeous shade of sky blue, Bashful Blue Bunny is a..

Bashful Bunny - Cream

RM 129.90
Bashful Cream Bunny’s perfectly cream fur reminds us of the softest marshmallows and vanilla ic..

Bashful Bunny - Hyacinth

RM 129.90
Bashful Hyacinth Bunny is named after the Hyacinth flowers for its beautiful soft coat of lilac fur...

Bashful Bunny - Pink

RM 129.90
Super-cuddly and full of cotton candy-sweetness, Bashful Pink Bunny is a great cotside companio..

Bashful Bunny - Silver

RM 129.90
Bashful Silver Bunny is the adventurous one of the lot. With a cuddly silver tummy and long flo..

Bashful Bunny - Tulip

RM 129.90
Named after her favourite flower, Bashful Tulip Pink Bunny is as sweet as she is kind. Fun-loving an..

Loppy Bunny - Oatmeal

RM 149.90
Introducing Loppy bunny from Jellycat! Our limited edition floppy bunny friend is a cute alternative..
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