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Bashful Twinkle Bunny

RM 129.90
Bashful Twinkle Bunny shimmers and shines with soft creamy fur and glimmering silver stars in her ea..

Blossom Bunny - Silver

RM 129.90
Blossom Silver Bunny loves flowers so much that she wears them on her paws and ears! She’s happiest ..

Blossom Bunny - Tulip

RM 129.90
Blossom Tulip Bunny is as pretty as a flower and as sweet as strawberries! She loves to roam in gard..

Bashful Blush Snow Bunny (Small)

RM 96.90
Shy and sweet, Bashful Blush Snow Bunny is such a pink poppet. This lop-eared love is bundled up war..

Bashful Silver Snow Bunny (Small)

RM 96.90
Merry and bright, Bashful Silver Snow Bunny is all set to go skating! This scrummy-soft dove-grey bu..

Christmas '19 - Bobkin Reindeer with Scarf

RM 136.90
As Santa’s little helper in-training, Bobkin Reindeer from Jellycat is very proud of his cuddly gold..

Bashful Bunny Small - Aqua

RM 89.90
With the softest fur you could ever imagine in a gorgeous sea-coloured coat, Bashful Aqua Bunny..

Bashful Bunny Small - Cream

RM 89.90
Bashful Cream Bunny now comes in a new small sized version! Bashful Cream Bunny’s perfectly cream&nb..

Bashful Bunny Small - Tulip

RM 89.90
Tulip bunny now comes in all new small sized version! Named after her favourite flower, Bashful Tuli..

Fuddlewuddle Elephant

RM 136.90
Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Elephant is the sweetest baby elephant around! A little bit shy with a huge&nb..

Bashful Bunny - Beige

RM 129.90
Bashful Beige Bunny is irresistibly cute with a great likeliness to the brown furry rabbits you..

Bashful Bunny - Blue

RM 129.90
With the softest fur you could ever imagine in a gorgeous shade of sky blue, Bashful Blue Bunny is a..

Bashful Bunny - Cream

RM 129.90
Bashful Cream Bunny’s perfectly cream fur reminds us of the softest marshmallows and vanilla ic..

Bashful Bunny - Hyacinth

RM 129.90
Bashful Hyacinth Bunny is named after the Hyacinth flowers for its beautiful soft coat of lilac fur...

Bashful Bunny - Pink

RM 129.90
Super-cuddly and full of cotton candy-sweetness, Bashful Pink Bunny is a great cotside companio..
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