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Musical Pull - Bashful Blue Bunny Star

RM 159.90
The Bashful Blue Bunny Star Musical Pull is just the gift for wee sleepyheads. With a Bashful-soft s..

Musical Pull - Bashful Pink Bunny Star

RM 159.90
For soothing sounds and peaceful dreams, we love the Bashful Pink Bunny Star Musical Pull. This beau..

Bashful Bunny - Plum

RM 129.90
Bashful Plum Bunny has a cute plump tummy and dreamy-soft rich purple fur. Fruity-sweet with squish-..

Bashful Bunny - Stardust

RM 129.90
Bashful Stardust Bunny is a shy little sweetheart with yummy-soft midnight fur. Flopsy and gentle in..

Shooshu Bunny Wooden Ring Toy

RM 129.90
The Shooshu Bunny Wooden Ring Toy is just the ticket for teething tots! This peachy bunny is pompom-..

Bashful Bunny - Dusky Blue

RM 129.90
A gentle friend in soothing heather fur, Bashful Dusky Blue Bunny is here to hug. With squashable fe..

Bashful Bunny - Fern

RM 129.90
Shy and sweet, Bashful Fern Bunny likes to hide in the pretty green moss. This sage-soft silly has f..

Bashful Bunny - Beige (Sizes Available)

RM 129.90
Bashful Beige Bunny is irresistibly cute with a great likeliness to the brown furry rabbits you..

Bashful Bunny - Cream (Sizes available)

RM 129.90
Bashful Cream Bunny’s perfectly cream fur reminds us of the softest marshmallows and vanilla ic..

Bashful Bunny - Pink (Sizes Available)

RM 129.90
Super-cuddly and full of cotton candy-sweetness, Bashful Pink Bunny is a great cotside companio..

Bashful Bunny - Silver (Sizes Available)

RM 129.90
Bashful Silver Bunny is the adventurous one of the lot. With a cuddly silver tummy and long flo..

Bashful Bunny - Twinkle

RM 129.90
Bashful Twinkle Bunny shimmers and shines with soft creamy fur and glimmering silver stars in her ea..

Bashful Bunny - Buttermilk

RM 129.90
The simply sweet Jellycat Bashful Buttermilk Bunny has oodles of incredibly soft creamy fur in a lov..

Bashful Bunny - Forest

RM 129.90
Jellycat Bashful Forest Bunny loves adventures and exploring the woodlands, with his sage green..

Bashful Bunny - Peony

RM 129.90
As pretty as her name, with blush and fluffy like cotton-candy fur, Bashful Peony Bunny is a flopsy ..
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